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Zynga is Hedging its Bet on Facebook

Recent reports are that the company that built its fortune putting games on the Facebook platform, Zynga, is moving to lay the groundwork to move away from its dependence on that platform.  Zynga is supposedly working to launch Zynga Live, a web-based platform that doesn’t require complete dependence on Facebook. Word is that Facebook and [...]

Betting Your Business on the Back of Another Company

The world is full of very successful businesses that have been built by tapping into a market created by a different business. What are the risks of building a business on the back of another company’s success? Stepping outside technology for just a moment, consider that many baseball stadiums of lore were in urban neighborhoods. [...]

Multiplayer Game Models

The term, multiplayer games, includes a range of back-end game server (defined below) complexities.  This post outlines the different types of multiplayer game models. For purposes of this document: Multiplayer game means any game where more than one player is involved in some form of competitive play, or non-competitive, interactive play (such as in Second [...]

Dan on Gaming and Games on the Internet

With eight (8) years now in the Internet games and gaming space, I am expanding my blogging to include periodic discussions on topics related to Internet based games and gaming. Potential topics include games themselves, game and gaming models (including real money, social, casual, skill, etc.), software development for games, finding game development vendors, licensing [...]