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What Is Important When Outsourcing Offshore?

Recently, I saw the question, “To what country would you recommend outsourcing an IT project?” When thinking about outsourcing offshore, that is the wrong question! Regardless of the country, when you outsource at the project level, you must remain engaged with the project and the implementation team. I  recommend some form of Agile approach in [...]

Should Project Managers Step into the Code?

I recently heard a conversation around the question, should project managers step in and help code? My answer is, in most cases, “NO!”

The Only Constant is Change

The project manager’s job is to buffer the project team from the vagaries of change, but that said, it is essential to recognize that change is constant. It is the rare project that runs from start to completion without change. Thus, the successful project will be executed by a team, and led by a project [...]

Flail Leads to Fail

One definition of “flail” is, to move vigorously or erratically; thrash about. The title of this note could also be “Flounder Leads to Failure.” The point here is that loss of focus and inability to keep on track are two key causes of project and even company failures. While change is constant, no project or [...]

The Shiny Object Syndrome

In my last blog entry, I wrote about the need to focus as a project manager in a small company. Extending that train of thought, I want to muse about what I call the “Shiny Object” syndrome. It’s very easy for an entire small company to fall prey to the shiny object syndrome … to [...]

Project Management – FOCUS is the Key

FOCUS:  Project management is all about FOCUS.  But we all know that in small companies there is a natural tendency to be battered with distractions.  Call it project management entropy. Marketing and Sales will always have the next great idea, opportunity, partnership, … for which they want project managers and resources from projects to spend [...]

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